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Foreign earnings, investment for own country

Balewa -  five years, South Korea and returned to sit Gemini-5 Binamareka Madhu Poudel now uses Bolero jeep. The skills he learned in the country before going abroad have helped him at work, and the money he has earned in Korea has added to his bullying.

After returning home after a five-year contract, he did not want to go abroad again. Now he is involved in the transport business.

Bomba Bahadur BK of Rangkhani of Jamini has invested the money earned abroad in the furniture industry. BK, who has been living abroad for a long time in different countries, has started a furniture industry in Wadthala of Rangkhani. He has invested in the village to earn money without spending 10 years from Malaysia, Saudi Arabia to Korea.

He is of the view that investing some of the money earned abroad in small businesses will provide continuous income and employment to others. In his industry, wooden materials including beds, chairs, tables, windows and doors are made. From this, he insists that the money of the villagers going to the outer market is stopped in the village. BK said that it has invested Rs 5 million in the industry. "A lot of money is spent abroad, a little bit of money is earned. Foreign income is a good thing, it doesn't last long," says Vic. Stating that there will be no return without investment, BK said that there is no benefit in keeping the money earned as it is. Vic's furniture is also used by his family and some village youths.

"When I have invested Rs 4-5 million, my family and neighbors have also got work," he says. He said that he started a small business after seeing the love of people from abroad for business.

Jamini-10 Rangkhani's Yama has returned from Dubai. The work and price in Dubai were very good but he has settled in Dubai for 11 years and is now doing business in the village. By investing the money he earned in Dubai, he has set up a 'Gemini Agriculture and Livestock Farm and Research Center and Block Industry' in Kushmishera Bazaar.

Pun, who plans to use his learning and experience abroad in small business, has invested Rs 5 million for everything from block production to poultry farming. "We have started the work by making a big plan," he says. "We have started from the block industry. The industry will build 500 blocks daily. Three people will get employment there." Bangur rearing has started under the industry. There is a plan to raise 500 pigeons. Work has been started there with the aim of raising chickens, turkeys, battai, kadaknath and fish along with bangur rearing. "I want to convey the message that it can be done in one's own place," he said.

In addition to the three youths mentioned above, there is a significant number of youths in Gemini who are earning abroad and investing in rural areas. The youths have increased their participatory investment in animal husbandry, trade, commercial farming, beekeeping and small-scale industries. According to youth activism, there are complaints from the youth that the local government has not given them.

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