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Opportunity for Nepal to take a clear stand with India on the border

According to the tradition of awarding honorary Maharathi status to the Chief of Army Staff of each other's countries, Indian Army Chief Manoj Mukunda Narwane has been given the status of Honorary Maharathi of the Nepal Army. Although this is a normal and regular process, the arrival of Narwane has been taken with interest as there is a border dispute between the two countries at the political level. Therefore, Nepal has an opportunity to send its clear position on border security to the Government of India through Narwane. 

On Friday, Indian Army Chief Manoj Mukunda Narwane received the honorary title of Maharathi of the Nepal Army from President Vidyadevi Bhandari. He is the 18th Indian general to receive such a rank. Nepal and India have been giving status to each other's army chiefs since 1950. But the road to Nepal was a bit uncomfortable for Narwane. On the one hand, he himself made controversial statements on the border dispute. On the other hand, there has been no political dialogue between Nepal and India for a year. 

The Nepal Army has purchased military equipment worth Rs 8 billion from India in eight years. But at the moment, Nepal's interest is more on the border. Although Narwane is an official who is more concerned with security matters, the aspect of how Nepal takes an interest in the border issue is important. Therefore, the government should be able to express its dissatisfaction and concerns more clearly than rejoicing in the two ambulances he handed over. 

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