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Rally in Hetauda demanding to restore Monarchy

Hetauda: A rally was held in Hetauda on Sunday demanding restoration of the Hindu nation and monarchy. The rally was held under the leadership of the 2047/2047 constitution restoration campaign. 

The rally started from Huprachaur of Hetauda, ​​went around Hetauda Bazaar and reached Seema Chowk, and turned into a corner rally. 

Kishori Mahato, the coordinator of the campaign, said that a rally was organized for the monarchy and the Hindu nation during the nationwide campaign. 

The rally was attended by people affiliated to RPP, Shiv Sena Nepal, Nepal Hindu Samaj, and others. 

Participants in the rally chanted slogans such as "King, come, save the country, restore the constitution of 2047 BS, abolish the republic". For the past few days, rallies in support of the king and the monarchy have been taking place in different parts of the country.

Rally in favor of Hindu Rashtra and Monarchy in Hetauda Bazaar. Photo: Krishna Saru Magar.

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