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The death toll from the earthquake in Turkey has risen to 42

TURKEY - The death toll from Friday's powerful earthquake in Turkey has risen to 42. The quake killed at least 42 people in Turkey, officials said. The quake affected other neighboring countries as well.

However, no casualties have been reported in those countries so far, officials said. A magnitude 6.6 earthquake shook the Turkish city of Izmir on Friday. Search and rescue operations are still underway in the city. At least 800 people have been injured so far in the quake, according to the Turkish Disaster Management Office.  

Hundreds of aftershocks have been felt since the quake, according to locals. The death toll from the quake has risen to 42, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a televised address on Sunday.

He called for a search and rescue operation and called on all to take part in it. He urged everyone not to panic and to be vigilant, according to the national television here.          

There have been reports of dozens of houses being destroyed and hundreds of people injured. On Friday, officials said more people may have been buried. But on Sunday, the death toll rose to 42.

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