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The government alone is not to blame for the delay in the appointment of officials of the Constitutional Commission: Foreign Minister

Kathmandu: Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradip Gyawali has claimed that the government alone is not to blame for the delay in the appointment of officials of the Constitutional Commission. 

This was stated by Minister Gyawali, who was present at the meeting of the Parliamentary Hearing Special Committee of the Federal Parliament on Thursday as a representative of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. He said that the meeting of the Constitutional Council recommending the appointment of office bearers could not be held due to repeated quorum failures.

He said, "We should not look at the government in terms of embarrassment or division. You have to look at it from a broader perspective. My request is that the meeting of the council should not be in a situation where the quorum is not reached again and again. It is not appropriate to leave posts vacant for a long time, but I think it is not appropriate to tell the government alone.

He said that the government was committed to making appointments inclusively and was adamant about the provisions of the constitution. Minister Gyawali said that the government was positive on the issue of making an integrated inclusive act. He said that the deputy speaker should not be from the ruling party and the opposition party should be from the opposition party.

Most of the members present at the committee meeting demanded immediate appointment to the constitutional body and proportional inclusion of appointments. Committee member Gyanendra Bahadur Karki said that the inability of the officials of the Constitutional Commission to be appointed for three years has raised questions over the efficiency of the Prime Minister. He also refuted the statement of the foreign minister who participated in the meeting as the representative of the prime minister.

He said, "According to the foreign minister, there is no problem in the country. But the situation in the country is not like that. A recent report by Transparency International has pushed for that. The question is whether it is not only the incompetence of the government but also the incompetence of the system. More than 40 percent of the commission's officials are vacant. Leaving it vacant for three years has raised questions about the efficiency of the Prime Minister.
Stating that he has not been able to inspire society even after being appointed, he demanded that a roster of the person making the appointment should be made public. 

Another member Pushpa Bhusal Gautam reminded that it was written in the preamble of the constitution that the constitutional appointments would be made inclusive and proportional. Why is the government not following what is written in the constitution? He asked. Similarly, committee member Jitendra Narayan Dev demanded to bring an inclusive bill in the parliament.

Similarly, Bhimsen Das Pradhan said that ambassadors should be appointed through open competition. Similarly, Rajendra Shrestha demanded to make the appointment proportionally inclusive. Committee member Dev Gurung said that it was necessary to bring a proportional inclusive bill even if only one or two people were included due to lack of law.

Foreign Minister Gyawali attended the meeting on his behalf after the committee called on the Prime Minister on Thursday to discuss the inclusion of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, judges, heads or office bearers of constitutional bodies, members of the Judicial Council, and ambassadors.

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