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The real face of communism in Nepal

This picture reflects exactly the current scenario of Nepal, so called federal republic of Nepal. Nepal is a small landlocked country located in south Asia between India and China. Nepal is being ruled by communist party of Nepal, with more than two-third majority government. The communist party is made of coalition of former mainstream communist party and the party formerly called Maoist insurgents who came in power out of public blood-shed. The largest Democratic Party, called Nepali congress is in less than the position of opposition.

The above picture features two things, the people in the front are having their meals by the road, and in the background is a helicopter. The people are the ones who suffered lot by the lock-down imposed by the government due to COVID crises. And the helicopter in the background is for showering flowers in the celebration of so called ‘constitution day’. It is the same day before five years, when the constitution of Nepal was drafted and came into act. These are the same people who had celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights, on that day of announcement of new constitution of federal democratic republic of Nepal. Now people make deaf ear to any of such national days. Most of the youth are outside in India or in the gulf countries to work as labors to make their living. These shameless politicians are in lavish lifestyle out of that remittance.

The current prime minister of Nepal, K P Oli had won election by exploiting the dreams of the common Nepalese to any extent, false promise like anything. We can see those bluffs in video recording all over YouTube. The cabinet lead by him and major posts within the reach of the politics in the country are now filled with the people of the communist party members or the relatives of the Oli. Keeping Peoples’ issues aside, the government is blamed to institutionalize corruption, nepotism, and crime. The government forces good standing people in the authority and bureaucracy out of power.

People voted with great hope that the communist party is the people’s party. But contrary to their belief, this government is the worst in the history of Nepal.

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