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Nepal is the most beautiful country in the world: Prince of Qatar

Kathamandaai - Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation Minister Yoghes Kumara Bhattrai Mt. Amadablama climbing into every advisor to Prince Sheikh Mohammed will return home happy and honored to Abdullah.

In a program organized on Saturday, Minister Bhattarai expressed his gratitude to Prince Abdullah for inspiring Nepal's tourism sector by climbing the mountain during the Kovid-19 epidemic and congratulated the team including the prince. He expressed confidence that Nepal's tourism would soon return to its old rhythm as tourism activities were gradually picking up.

Minister Bhattarai said, “The mountaineering of two distinguished persons has aroused enthusiasm in the tourism sector of Nepal. This is a matter of great happiness. Now Nepal's tourism is slowly returning to its old rhythm, so I urge foreign guests to visit Nepal following health standards.

According to the Department of Tourism, a 13-member team including Rajkumar successfully climbed the 6,814-meter high Amadablam at 11:20 am on Kartik 26. That ascent was the first of autumn on the Amadablam mountain.

There were six climber members in the team including the prince. Some Americans and Canadians also participated. Six foreigners and eight Nepalis participated in the ascent led by Marriott Medicine.

This is Prince Abdullah's eighth visit to Nepal since 2009. He climbed Mt. Everest in 2013 and had reached the base camp three times. Tasting other tourist destinations of Nepal, Abdullah said that he was impressed by the natural beauty and hospitality of Nepal and expressed his desire to visit Nepal again as Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

He will return home on Sunday. Earlier, a Royal Force team including Prince Nasir bin Hamid Al Khalifa of Bahrain had returned home in the first week of October after climbing the 8,163-meter Manaslu Mountain. 

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