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Yalambar : King who was even powerful than Krishna

After the Mahispala dynasty under King Mahishpala ruled Nepal, this country passed into the hands of the Kirats. King Yalamber is believed to be the first Kirat king to rule the country. People believe Yalamber was a form of Lord Shiva. A tale says, King Yalamber once went to Kurukshetra and on the way, met a cowboy, who was none but Lord Krishna in an ordinary boy’s form. The king asked why the Mahabharata war had not commenced. 

Krishna, surprised to hear a human ask about the future war of which only the Gods knew, saw Lord Shiva in him. In order to avoid him in the great war of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna developed a trick. He took out his soul and put it on the top of a tree. Yalamber targeted the tree upon which Lord Krishna took his soul on the tip of his thumb. The king then aimed towards Lord Krishna’s thumb. Nearing defeat, Lord Krishna said, “Young man, you are extraordinary. Ask for a blessing.”

Yalamber boastfully replied, “I am mightier. You ask me for one.” 

Yalamber asked to see the entire Mahabharat war from the sky. The king wanted to help the losing side in the battle. Knowing his intentions, Krishna set his Sudarshan Chakra going, and cut away the head of Yelambar. 

Disappointed at this and about not being able to participate in the war, the beheaded king headed northward beyond the Himalayas and landed at the Indrachowk in Kathmandu.

Rama Adhikari 

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