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5 Countries That Restored Monarchy at Some Point of Their History

The restoration of the monarchy has been a rare case since the beginning of the 20th century. Spain had reinstated monarchy in 1975 after abolishing the system in 1947. 

Following the gulf war, Kuwait reestablished monarchy in 1991 after abolishing it in 1990 and the transition of Cambodia from Marxist republic to elective monarchy have been some rare cases of countries reinstating the monarchical system in the modern era. 

Here is the list of countries that have restored monarchy in their history:

1. Greece

Greece’s held a referendum on 3rd November 1935 resulting in a restoration of the monarchy in the country finally to be abolished by Greek Republic Referendum on 8th December 1974.

2. the Maldives

The Maldives held a constitutional referendum to abolish the monarchy in 1952 and later restored the system by 1953’s constitutional referendum and was abolished again by a referendum on 15 March 1968. 

3. Mexico

Mexico restored the monarchial system through a Mexican Emperor Referendum on 4th December 1963. 

4. Spain

Spain restored king on 6th July 1947 after the law of succession referendum and Filipe VI has been on the throne since 2014 till date. 

5. England

The reestablishment of monarchy took place in 1660 after King Charles II returned from exile on his 30th birthday. The Bill of Rights, 1689 curtailed the monarch’s governmental power. Queen Elizabeth II has been hade of the state since 6th February 1952 becoming the longest-reigning monarch in the world.

A total of 44 countries have monarchs as their head of state in 2020 with 13 countries from Asia, 12 in Europe, 10 in North America, and 9 from Oceania and Africa. 

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