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Both are defensive

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and Executive Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal are now on the defensive in the internal dispute of the ruling Communist Party of Nepal (CPN). Both sides, which have been in a tug of war for a month, have adopted a defensive strategy to avoid any mishap.

Oli called Dahal's report a charge sheet with personal frustration at the secretariat meeting on October 12 and refused to make it a topic of discussion. Although Oli said he would not be able to attend, Dahal called a meeting on Wednesday. Everyone except Oli attended the meeting. They have postponed the meeting of the secretariat to the 20th and the meeting of the standing committee to the 21st.

Secretariat members Ishwar Pokharel and Ram Bahadur Thapa and General Secretary Vishnu Poudel, who are supporting Oli at the meeting, requested to adjourn the meeting and find a way to reach a consensus. Oli's side should be present defensively and the opposition leaders within the party should also give time for consensus. Is to be defensive. Therefore, both sides seem to be looking for a middle ground, ”said a member of the standing committee. According to him, after two days, the two sides will coordinate informally and bring the meeting into operation after reaching some agreement. "Both sides have a strategy of postponing the meeting rather than an accident," he said.

Dahal is preparing to discuss Oli's reply and his report in the party committee. Oli, on the other hand, is in favor of finalizing both the reports from the secretariat meeting. "The latest controversy within the party is the management of both reports. One side is in favor of holding a bottom-up discussion and the other side is in favor of a decision from the secretariat meeting, 'the source said.

The Dahal faction is preparing to resume meetings under a majority system. But the Oli faction has been saying that the party's unity is not a general convention and the game of majority and minority is not acceptable in the transition period. On the issue of majority and minority votes, the Oli faction has requested to wait for the general convention to be held in four months. CPN (Maoist) Standing Committee Member Veduram Bhusal, on the other hand, said that the party decision should be implemented even by the majority and minority vote as an individualistic and single decision cannot run the party. Tapendra Karki has written news in the daily Nagarik.

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