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Dissolution of Parliament: What is in Articles 76 and 85?

Kathmandu: President Vidyadevi Bhandari has dissolved the House of Representatives using two articles of the Constitution of Nepal. He has fixed April 17 and 27 as per the government's recommendation for a fresh mandate using Article 76 (1), Article 76 (7), and Article 85 of the Constitution. 

Article 76 (1) of the Constitution provides for the appointment of the leader of the parliamentary party having a majority in the House of Representatives as the Prime Minister and the formation of the Council of Ministers under his chairmanship. 

Similarly, if the appointed Prime Minister fails to get a vote of confidence or cannot be appointed as per Article 76 (7), the President will dissolve the House of Representatives on the recommendation of the Prime Minister and the date of the next House of Representatives will be fixed within six months. 

Similarly, Article 85 (1) stipulates that the term of the House of Representatives shall be five years except for those who have been dissolved beforehand as per the Constitution. 

With the dissolution of the parliament, the date of voting in the House of Representatives has been fixed for Baishakh 17 and 27.

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