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Master Safe Runner-up Santosh: Nepali food has won hearts even though it did not get the title!

KATHMANDU: Nepali young chef Santosh Sah has failed to win the title of 'BBC Master Chef the Professionals 2020'. He limited himself to the last three even after reaching the final.

Even though Santosh did not win the title, the judges of the competition and the hearts of ordinary Nepalis have succeeded in winning. The title was won by British chef Alex Webb in the competition.

Santosh along with 32 others participated in the competition. Reaching the final of the competition, which Nepalis have never reached before, is considered a success.

He managed to win the hearts of the judges by making Nepali food during the competition period. He prepared food representing the mountains, hills, and plains of Kodo, Khir, Yomri, Puri, and others.

Santosh also tried to introduce Nepali costumes to the world. The Dhaka hat and Bhadgaon hat he wore in the competition have won the hearts of Nepalis all over the world. He even displayed the national flag of Nepal in some food items.

Speaking to BBC, Santosh said that even though he did not get the title, he was able to present Nepali food on the world stage, and Nepal and Nepali food won.

Sah, 35, of Siraha Karjanha was born into a poor family.

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