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Meteor showers will be active throughout the night on Manghsir 28

Kathmandu: Gemini meteor showerwhich has been active since Mangshir 19, will be highly active on the night of Mangshir 28, according to the Nepal Astronomical Society.

Chairman of the society Suresh Bhattarai informed that up to 150 meteors can be seen per hour during the most active hours. 

The Gemini meteor shower asteroid is said to burn about 70 kilometers above the atmosphere as it orbits the sun with tiny dust particles and matter released into space by 3,200 phaetons. 

It is named Gemini Meteor Rain because it appears to come out of Gemini during meteor showers. 

The general public who want to see the meteor shower will be able to observe and take pictures from their home or from a nearby low-pollution area. 

Chairman Bhattarai said that the time for observation will be from 8 pm on Sunday 28th to 5:30 am the next day. 

If the weather is right, 2020 will be the best time to see meteor showers. The meteor shower is said to continue till Poush 2.

No binoculars or telescopes are needed to see the meteor shower. The Society's team will travel to Pokhara to observe the meteor shower and try to capture it on camera. 

Society members in other parts of the country will view and take pictures from their own place. Observers are also invited to send their photos to society. It is said that the picture received in society will be made public through social media. - RSS

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