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Modi government's proposal rejected by farmers

Indian farmers have rejected a proposal by the central government to amend agricultural laws. 

Leaders of farmers' organizations have called for the repeal of all three controversial agricultural laws. 

The government is in trouble after the farmers insisted that the laws that they have been interpreting as a great achievement should be repealed.

The government has sent a proposal for amendment after a meeting with farmers' leaders on Tuesday after Home Minister Amit Shah called them.  

"The proposal sent to us by the government is unacceptable," said Darshan Pal, president of the Krantikari Kisan Union.  

He claimed that the agitation would be intensified at a joint press conference organized by the agitating organizations in Singhu, which borders Delhi and neighboring Haryana. 

The agitating organizations have stated that a sit-in and protest will be held at the offices of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on December 14. 

He also said that this program will be held in many parts of the country. 

Similarly, they have decided to block the Delhi-Jaipur highway on December 12. 

He also called on farmers across the country to come to Delhi for agitation.  

There were five rounds of talks between farmers' representatives and government officials before talks with Home Minister Shah on Tuesday. 

Various political parties have also expressed support for the demands of the agitating farmers.

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