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Nepal is in YouTube's partner program, easy to monetize

Kathmandu: Nepali YouTubers are happy. YouTube has also put Nepal on its list of available partner programs. This means that you can participate in the process of services and income provided by YouTube from Nepal.

Even though Nepalis are earning through YouTube, when they were not on the list of partner programs, they were forced to name other countries when monetizing.

Despite the presence of Nepali content creators on the video-sharing platform YouTube, while monetizing, YouTube did not recognize Nepal.

Nepalis had to earn by showing the names of countries like India and the USA and showing the users of those countries.

With the entry of Nepal in the list, now any YouTube video content creator can earn money by mentioning the name of the country Nepal in case of monetization.

In addition, the new types of services and rules made public by YouTube will apply to Nepali users.

YouTube's Partner Program currently has 122 countries. Once you have reached one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of video watching, you can monetize YouTube. Now, Nepali YouTuber has reached the stage of earning Rs 4-5 lakh per month.

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