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RPP's demonstration in favor of monarchy and Hindu nation in the Kathmandu

Kathmandu: The Rashtriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) has organized a motorcycle rally in the capital in favor of the monarchy and the Hindu state. 
 RPP Chairman Kamal Thapa himself participated in the procession on a scooter. 

Participants in the rally strongly protested corruption, unemployment, proselytism, and perversion. 
Addressing the rally, chairpersons Kamath Thapa and Dr. Prakash Chandra Lohani said that the political exit was possible only with the RPP's roadmap as the so-called main parties failed. Along with hundreds of motorcycles, RPP had demanded the restoration of the monarchy and Hindu state.

After the rally, Thapa had appealed to participate in the corner meeting to be held at Maitighar Mandal on March 30.

RPP central member Devendra Pradhan told Samaj Khabar, "The country has reached a very difficult juncture. The main parties have failed to evacuate the country. Now only the RPP's agenda can move the country forward, so RPP has come to the streets." He also claimed that RPP would create a nationwide mass movement by organizing the youth in favor of the monarchy and Hindu Rashtra. 

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