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The United Nations has removed marijuana from its list of dangerous drugs

Washington: The United Nations has removed cannabis and marijuana from its list of high-risk drugs.

It is described as a plant with medicinal properties. The World Health Organization's recommendation to remove cannabis from the list of dangerous drugs was approved by the Narcotics Commission on Wednesday.

In 1961, the United Nations General Assembly listed marijuana and cannabis as fourth-class drugs. Such substances are not only considered to be responsible for excessive addiction and abuse but are also considered to be particularly harmful and of very limited medical value.

Along with the decision of the UN Commission, it has been welcomed by many pharmaceutical companies and organizations. This is good news, especially for millions of people who use marijuana as a drug, according to advocacy groups. It is also said to be pleasant for the market for basic medicine products in Bhang.

The UN Commission on Wednesday removed Bhang from the Dangerous List on the basis of a vote. Among the countries involved in the commission, the United States, Britain, Germany, and South Africa voted in favor of removing marijuana from the list of dangerous drugs, while Brazil, China, Russia, and Pakistan voted against it.

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