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Today is the memorial day of Swar Samrat Narayan Gopal

Kathmandu: The 30th memorial day of Swar Samrat Narayan Gopal is being celebrated today.

Narayan Gopal, who was born in Kilagal, Kathmandu on Ashoj 18, 1996, passed away on Mangshir 19, 2047. He has attracted the attention of everyone with his singing and has also got the title of Swar Samrat. After passing the audition from Radio Nepal in 2018 BS, Narayan Gopal continued his singing journey.

He has a record of singing more than 135 songs in the Nepali language alone in his singing journey. Narayan Gopal has given voice not only in modern but also in songs of about a dozen Nepali films. He has also sung songs in the Nepali language.

He entered the theater in 2013, playing the role of a blind man in Durgalala Shrestha's play. Narayan Gopal was awarded the Best Musician award by Radio Nepal in 2023 BS and the Best Singer award in 2024 BS.

Similarly, he was awarded Gorkha Dakshin Bahu in 2033 BS, Indra Rajya Laxmi Award in 2040 BS, Chhinnalata Award in 2044 BS, and Jagdamba Shree Award in 2045 BS. Prakash Saimi, an expert in the field of song and music, said that he was the first singer to be honored with the Jagdamba Award.

Many songs sung by Narayan Gopal are full of pain, bereavement, and bereavement. There are thousands of mistakes he sang, when I lost consciousness here, don't ask me where the wound hurts, the queen of heaven, the tears in my eyes, the pain of separation, the pain of separation, the youngest joke in this song is popular and immortal.

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