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After the pressure of Nepal, the temporary post kept by SSB in the Dashagaja area was removed

Kanchanpur: There is always some tension on the Nepal-India border from the Indian side. In the same Meso, a temporary post set up by the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) in the Dashgaja area near Belauri Municipality-10 of Kanchanpur on the Nepal-India border has been removed. The temporary post set up by the Indian SSB due to the protest of the Nepali side has been removed in the Dashgaja area between the border pillars No. 34 and 35.

Locals had informed the Armed Police Force on Wednesday that the SSB had set up a temporary post in the Dashagaja area. The Armed Police Force (APF) has coordinated with a senior SSB official to remove the post. Superintendent of Armed Police Birendra Bahadur Air of the Armed Police Force No. 35 Battalion Headquarters Shaileshwari Kanchanpur said that the post was set up in the Dashgaja area and was immediately removed.

"It is said that the post was placed in Dashgaja area due to the mistake of the local commander of SSB," he said. The Indians have admitted the mistake and removed the post. ” As the Dashgaja area is the point of separation between Nepal and India, the two countries are not allowed to carry out any activities.

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