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Dissolution Of The House Of Representatives To Stop Political 'Coup': Home Minister

Kathmandu: Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa has said that the government has dissolved the House of Representatives to stop the political coup. Home Minister Thapa, who is a member of the secretariat of the CPN-Oli group, said that the government had to dissolve the House of Representatives to stop the political coup in the parliament. 

He said that the House of Representatives, which was a mechanism of stability, had become a mechanism of instability due to the stand of some comrades. He says the government's move to dissolve the House of Representatives is a bigger political move than a constitutional one. 

 He said, "The CPN (Maoist) has two-thirds of the votes. It was a mechanism of stability. After the stand of the comrades, this House of Representatives is no longer a mechanism of stability, it has become a mechanism of instability. It sought to displace its own leadership, so the prime minister exercised his prerogative to justify it. This is a big political step. It is a bigger political step than a constitutional one. '

Thapa said that the court would decide whether to take the initiative or not as the government's move has already entered the court. He is confident that the court will rule in favor of the government's move.

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