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King Shah said: It is too late to review the current politics

King Gyanendra Shah said that it was too late to review how honest, nation-centered and people-friendly the current politics is.  

In a press release issued on the occasion of Prithvi Jayanti, Shah said, "In our opinion, politics is the highest form of national service. But it is too late to review how honest and nation-centered our politics is, how favorable the public interest is. '

He said that ordinary Nepalis have felt that their history, civilization, religion, culture, and unity have been destroyed in the name of change.

He said that there is a tradition of moving forward according to the people's wishes. He recalled that the Shah dynasty kings not only played an active role as per the wishes of the people but also played the role of constitutional monarchy and showed the sincerity of renunciation till the throne.

Shah said that he was worried about how to save the country at present.  

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