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Let's connect the path of national integration with prosperity through tourism - locals

It has been demanded to link the Kathmandu / National Integration Route with the economic prosperity of the country through tourism. The Nepal Army has been marching on the road from Gorkha to Kathmandu since last year when nation-builder Prithvinarayan Shah was expanding the state.

Renuka Lama Rumba of Kakani says, "It is necessary to develop the integration route linked to Nepal's glorious history as a tourist trail and run various programs to link it with economic prosperity." 
Expressing happiness over the army's march on the path of unification, he said, "What we have heard in the past is now visible because of the army. Prithvi Narayan has unified Nepal. He is the hero of unification. We must preserve history and preserve historical objects." It is a mistake to destroy the statue. ' 

This morning, the Jabar Jung Battalion of the Nepal Army handed over the national flag of Nepal, and the unification light brought from the Gorkha Durbar to Ganapati Chief Fighter Umesh Shrestha of the Shamsher Dal Battalion.

On the occasion, the teams of both the battalions danced and sang along with Bajagaja. On the occasion, Ganapati Shrestha said, "In order to enliven the contribution of our forefathers, the march on the occasion of Unity Day has provided encouragement and encouragement from the locals even in the midst of the epidemic of Corona."

Just as the local Jeevan Lal Tamang had united the Sasana state and made it a strong and strong nation by Prithvi Narayan Shah, today the political parties should unite and lead the country towards prosperity. 
The team was greeted by the people's representatives and locals at Tarkeshwor Municipality-3, Panchmanegadhi, Kathmandu wearing Akshata, Mala, and Khadal. On the occasion, the women-led folk culture Naumati Baja group greeted the team by playing Panchai Baja with joy and performed a folk dance with great joy.

Geeta Chhetri, a member of the Baja team, said, "We have welcomed the guests with good deeds and in keeping with the tradition and practice of welcoming guests by playing the Baja. We are proud to be Nepali because of Prithvi Narayan Shah's contribution."
"Instead of publicizing his contribution, we should not present it in such a way as to sabotage the statue and humiliate our ancestors," he said. Local Rudra Prasad Ghimire Prithvinarayan Shah said that he is revered by all of us as he has tied Nepal in one thread.
Another local Uttam Gajurel recalled his contribution to the National Unity Day and said that the state should think of developing the road used for the expansion of Nepal as a tourist trail at that time.
He said, 'No one should erase history. During the movement, many youths may have vandalized the statue without realizing it, that is a mistake. The Gorkha-Kathmandu unification route trek, which started on Tuesday on the occasion of the 299th Earth Day and National Unity Day, is arriving at Hanuman Dhoka Durbar this evening.

The team, which was formed for the first time, marched with the flags of five units of the army.

The walking team will be welcomed at Hanumandhoka by local body representatives, guthis, clubs, the general public, and then the flag will be handed over to Shardul Jung Gulm stationed there. Nation-builder Prithvinarayan Shah was introduced to Nepal and the issues he raised during his tenure are still relevant.

Prithvi Narayan, who was born in Gorkha on Poush 27, 1179 BS, has been raising his voice in recognition of his contribution and declaring a national holiday on National Unity Day.

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