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"Lootantra" in the name of "Loktantra": Kamal Thapa

Rashtriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Chairman Kamal Thapa has reiterated the need to restore the monarchy and establish a Hindu nation in Nepal.

Addressing a protest rally organized by RPP in Kathmandu on Friday, Thapa reviewed the republic, federalism, and secularism in Nepal and said that the monarchy should be restored and a Hindu nation with religious freedom should be established in the country.

He blamed not only the current government, some political parties, and leaders for the dissolution of the House of Representatives but also the path and ideology of the republic that was started 14 years ago. He said that a political system representing all from the king to the rebel revolution and from the Congress to the communists and Madhesis were needed while looking for an alternative to the republic.

Chairman Thapa said that the country could go into conflict if the demands and aspirations of the people were not addressed as the monarchy and Hindu Rashtra was not only the agenda of RPP but also the agenda of common Nepalis.

He stressed the need to build an inclusive, common system that would enable peace and stability in the country only through the unity of monarchist and democratic forces. Chairman Thapa said that RPP has come to the streets to save the country, strengthen democracy, nationalism and bring economic prosperity.

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