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Prithivi Narayan Shah : Character Assassination by mercenaries and So-Called Democrats

The glorious history of uniting us scattered begins with Prithvi Narayan Shah. However, some foreign mercenaries have worked to create confusion about Prithvi Narayan Shah. This is sad. It is clear from where they are operating. Needless to say. In Nepal, you can find as many mercenaries who are immersed in personal interests. They are attacking the person who is unifying Nepal. I read what is written and listen to what is said. And they seem to be literate, but why use their brains to think of others? Why do they follow what others fill-in? 
When Prithvi Narayan Shah took control of the valley, he was the first to continue the foundation of Nepal's cohesive culture by holding the feet of a virgin according to the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition. Therefore, in the book "Tri-Ratna Saundaryagatha" written by the Vajrayana Buddhist Guru Sundarananda Banda of the Upatyaka around 1890, his descendants are described as "God of the Nepali planet." Some say-Padmapani is called Bagmalokeshwar, Bungmati is called Amarpuri, nowadays Matsyendranath also says, Shakya Singh is famous everywhere, Swayambhu is popular. He wrote the book to protect the children of Shree Maharaj Prithvinarayan Sah, the mountain king of Gorkha. This praise was written by a Buddhist guru to protect your children's guru, Rempurche Avalokityashvara Swayambhunath, as the Shah dynasty kings continued the cohesive culture.

From "Tri-Ratna Saundaryagatha"

If we see the written of 
Vajrayana Buddhist Guru Sundarananda Banda then we find that the natures of Prithivi Narayan Shah were completely different than what these Democrats describe as.

If we do research deep in the history then we find the first character assassination of Prithivi Narayan Shah was done by Cappuccino Catholic Priest invited by Jaya Prakash Malla to save his throne then from Gorkhalis.

King Prithivi Narayan Shah then kicked all those Priest out from Nepal. Then in against King's action and by seeing the mission being failed to Christianization of Nepal, Guiseppe wrote a book named "Account Of The Kingdom Of Nepal" to spread propaganda hate against King Prithivi Narayan Shah.

This book was just the character assassination of King Prithivi Naryan Shah. His Strict Policy against the imperialist East India Company was also one of the causes which lead to his Character Assassination. Nepal was the most Patriotic and growing nation during his rule, which was a threat to India Company. Which then King Prithivi Narayan Shah was aware of. He also said," Nepal is a Yam between two stone."

The myth of "Cutting Nose"

King Prithivi Narayan Shah is also accused as the expansionist who ordered to cut the Nose of Kritipuri's. It again appeared first in the book written by Guiseppe, a Cappuccino Catholic Priest who was kicked out of Nepal by King Prithivi Narayan Shah. And we all know how western expansionists are successful to destroy the local culture. Their's first attack is to do change in glorious history through educations. If we see the history of the Valley then we come to know that Shahs were more accepted by peoples of the valley and Kiratis than Khasa's itself. The King who forgave the Tribikram Sen King of Tanahu.

From "Tri-Ratna Saundaryagatha"

If you've asked the Peoples of Valley before the So-Called People's War of Nepal then there was no such fact in the locals. Even this fact is disputed among Historians, in date, in the weight of chopped nose, in the no. of people, in the age group of people whose nose were chopped, etc. People are again taking the incidents as fact which was/is still in dispute.

Character Assassination During the So-Called People's War

Nowadays Democrats don't want to acknowledge the work done by Kings. Instead, they are busy re-writing their's own version of history to glorify themselves and to demoralize all the efforts did by Kings. This propaganda is played with foreign engagement. We all know how Sikkim was annexed by India by supporting Democrats against King and Demoralizing Kings who did their's best for the shake of the country. And we all know who was behind the Maoist's So-Called Peoples War.
The Character Assassination of King Prithivi Narayan Shah was at the peak after Nepal turned itself to Democratic Republic. And was done by the peoples who are proved to be now as associated with Churches. This also makes the "Revenge and Culture Killing Of Nepal By the Priest" a True Fact. 


Nepal was been a target of mercenaries since then. These mercenaries are funding the political parties and other institutions to demoralize the glorious history of Nepal through the education system and sadly Political leaders are supporting them for the post and money. Many Peoples of Nepal has been misguided by these Political leaders for personal gain. 

There is no country in the world where there is no question of nation-building. We have become the only ones where the nation-builder has been overthrown and humiliated. In every country of the world, there is talk of nation-building. After all, we are talking about Napoleon, Bismarck, George Washington. We forget what Prithvinarayan Shah did in the context of Nepal. If Prithvinarayan had not united the small states about three hundred years ago, would it have been called Nepal and Nepali? If Prithvinarayan had the leadership like now, what would have happened if it had happened then and where would we be? Think once?

He started unification. Her son spearheaded the unification campaign and Nepal did not become, we became Nepalis. Otherwise, Nepal would not be the same, how would we be Nepali? We need to understand this issue. Especially after 2006/07, the 'silauta' tendencies of carrying the foreign agenda became more prevalent. Even now, there is a great fear that the people of Silouta Path will push the system they have brought. They are defending it. Do such people who are planting rebellion in the country know the importance of the country?

However, the leadership of the party that cannot call its own father (father) is now in politics. To forget Prithvinarayan is to forget one's parents and grandparents. Forgetting one's culture, identity, history, is my irrefutable belief. I have a clear idea about this. Nepal's pride is Prithvinarayan's unification campaign. What glorious work has taken place since then? The day came when the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) had to reject the decision of the Council of Ministers. The army is a body under the government.

Prithvi Narayan should be taken in the name of a nation builder, as a symbol of unity. But suddenly one day a letter came from the Council of Ministers asking to remove the picture of King Rajauta from the government office. I read the letter and gave the same tear. Then, the army decided not only to take photos of Prithvinarayan from any of its offices but also to add them where they were not. In my opinion, history cannot be erased. We immediately erected a full-length statue of Prithvi Narayan Shah in the Army Hall. If there is no photo of Prithvi Narayan Shah in all the army offices, it was ordered to keep the photo. A picture of Bhanubhakta was placed on the other side of Prithvinarayan.

"The Real Fact"

Nepal was Founded by Nemi Muni, the first ruling dynasty of Nepal was the Gopala Dynasty, Nepal was first expanded by "Kings" from Kiranti Dynasty, Nepal Got Rich during the rules of "Kings" Of Licchavis, Nepal got its cultural values during the rule of "Kings" of Mallas Dynasty, And Nepal was Re-united during "King" of Khasa's Shah Dynasty. And King Prithivi Narayan Shah was the builder of modern Nepal. And that's the fact which can't be changed by these sold-out leaders/historians and So-called Democrats. Now we can see Nepal as a nation is just a cause of Kings. May these sons of Mao's, Churches, Indian will understand the real history.

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