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PUBG has brought a new feature to make the game more fun and decent

Kathmandu. The popular mobile game publisher, PUBG has added a reputation system to its new update to prevent gamers from harboring unnatural animosity or prejudice against each other. 

PUBG has informed about this through his blog"Our goal is to maintain healthy interactions in the game," they wrote in the blog.

Harmful behavior of players on the battlefield is not appropriate. That's why we have brought a new reputation system, wanting everything to be dignified and decent when we kill each other in the game. '

This new reputation system, introduced by Pubji, offers gamers a reputation level ranging from zero to five. As long as the players do not display harmful behavior, this reputation will naturally increase.  

The use of obscene language and skipping matches can tarnish a reputation, according to the PUBG Corporation's blog. Also, violating the condition of puberty will lower the level of reputation. 

Along with this latest 10.2 update, a new vintage sports car has also been added to the game. In addition to this, the ability to do random stunts in the mid-air while riding the Coup RB, dirt bike has also been added.

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