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The propaganda that Nehru rejected King Tribhuvan's proposal to make Nepal a province of India is false: Chairman Thapa

Kathmandu: Rashtriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Chairman Kamal Thapa has strongly protested against the media and propaganda that King Tribhuvan had proposed to Nehru to annex Nepal to India. Chairman Thapa clarified that the propaganda that Nehru had rejected King Tribhuvan's proposal to make Nepal a province of India was false.

Citing a memoir by the late President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, Indian media has claimed that Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru rejected the proposal of the then King of Nepal, Tribhuvan, to merge Nepal with India.

Late. Citing Mukherjee's autobiography, Thapa said the English content published in Nepal's daily Nagarik Republika was baseless. As the late President of India Murkhji did not make such a claim while he was alive and did not even defend such propaganda, Chairman Thapa has clarified that it was false propaganda. Chairman Thapa has also clarified that such misleading and baseless propaganda has been spread as the popularity of the monarchy is increasing in Nepal.

Tweeting, Chairman Thapa said: This is a biased/unauthentic idea. Not a single document/witness support this claim. His claim has been challenged/refuted in the past when he was alive. He never came up with a credible defense. When monarchy's popularity is gaining momentum in Nepal bringing up this lie is malicious

Tweeting, Chairman Thapa said: This is a biased and unauthentic idea. No documents or witnesses support or confirm this claim. Mukherjee's claim has been denied in the past while he was alive. He never made a credible defense of this claim. When the popularity of the monarchy rises in Nepal, it is hateful to spread such lies.

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