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The SSB, which was trying to build the pillar in the Dashgaja area, admitted the mistake

Ilam: Eastern Sunrise municipalities comprising the region seeking to bury the pillar Hile Indian Border Security Force (BSF), the fault is acknowledged. 

Armed Police Inspector Navin Khatiwada of the Border Outpost (BOP) at Pashupatinagar admitted that it was a mistake to bury pillars in the Dashgaja area during the discussion between the security chiefs of the two sides. 

The SSB has admitted that it made a mistake in the recent discussions between the security representatives of both sides in the Hille area. We have made a commitment not to repeat the mistake from now on, "said Khatiwada.

A 12-member team led by Inspector Deukumar Limbu of the Area Police Office Pashupatinagar and a 14-member team led by Armed Inspector Khatiwada had left for the discussion. The Nepali security team has also inspected the border with the team deployed under the command of Assistant Sub-Inspector Dibankar Biswas on behalf of SSB.

On the Indian side, the SSB under Battalion No. 8 deployed in the border area between Border Pillar No. 71/11 to 72/25 had encroached saying that there was a missing pillar. Boundary disputes have erupted as soon as new leadership is elected in SSB's BOP. Last year, there was a dispute after the SSB dug a drain in the Nepali territory of the Hile area. 

There are border disputes in various places in the area of ​​52.05 km from Tiring of Rong Municipality of Ilam to Sandakpur Danda of Sandakpur Municipality. The Indian side has encroached on Nepali land in Chabbise, Hile Pulkhola, Sandakpur, and other areas. The encroachment has come down after the establishment of six BOPs of the Armed Police Force in Nepal recently. 

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