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Dahal-Nepal side has come to put a dent in the state: CM Rai

BIRTHNAGAR: Province 1 Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai has accused the CPN (Maoist) of Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Madhav Kumar Nepal of infiltrating the state. At a meeting of the CPN-KP Oli group held in Biratnagar, Chief Minister and leader Rai said that he would not allow the capture of the state. 

The Dahal-Nepal faction of the CPN (Maoist) has filed a no-confidence motion against Chief Minister Rai in the state assembly. After that, the meeting of the state assembly could not be held. Rai has already warned to dissolve the state assembly if he is removed.

Speaking at a rally on Saturday, Rai said, "Dahal-Nepal-Khanal has been chanting the tune of law and order." The Prime Minister says the chairman will be removed in the middle. He has been demanding a package for the chief ministers who lost the election process in less than a year.

According to Rai, the Dahal-Nepal faction has come to the state to make a mess. He says such activities will not be allowed to succeed and will be defeated. He added, "The method has been mocking the process. We will not allow the state to be occupied. We will move forward by institutionalizing the state. '

Rai claimed that the Election Commission had informed him that preparations for the by-elections had started on Friday. He said that political parties were also preparing to participate in the election. He said that the Dahal-Nepal faction would also contest the election by choosing another election symbol and registering a party.

Rai claimed that the House of Representatives was dissolved as he was preparing to seize power by overthrowing the President, Prime Minister, Prime Minister, and Chief Ministers. "The president, the prime minister, the party president, and the chief minister have been ousted and one party is ready to seize power. This lot has taken the country into a dark tunnel, 'he said.

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