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Hot oil was poured by terrorist group saying that "Tea shop was opened during Strike" : mother and daughter were injured

Damage caused by Dahal-Nepal terrorist group cadres vandalizing tea shop in Biratnagar-2. Photo: Kishor Budhathoki.

Biratnagar:  During the general strike called by the CPN (Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda and Madhav Kumar Nepal terrorist group, boiling hot oil has been poured on the people working in a tea shop in Biratnagar, the capital of Province 1. 

Two women have been injured in a brutal incident in the name of the Dahal-Nepal terrorist group. The injured are the mother and daughter of the same family. Activists of the Dahal-Nepal terrorist group, who had come to close the shop in Biratnagar Metropolitan City-2 during the strike, poured hot oil on them at around 12 pm. 

Shop for pouring boiled Singada (samosa) oil

Pramod Sahani's wife Basanti Sahani, 40, and his daughter Vavita Sahani, 22, sustained minor injuries. While working in the shop, a group that came suddenly poured oil on them. 

The mother and daughter have been injured in various parts of the body after pouring boiling oil. Among the injured, Babita is 6 months pregnant. Eyewitnesses said that Sahani, 48, was also beaten with sticks, punches, and kicks by the terrorist group who had come to find out why the tea shop in front of the gate of the Biratnagar Metropolitan Office was not closed. Sahani's face and various parts of her body have been injured due to the beating.

According to eyewitnesses, a group of protesters led by a former minister and leader of the Dahal-Nepal terrorist group Shiva Kumar Mandal reached the shop with sticks. Video of the incident is also safe. The group also vandalized the shop. 

"We also need a snack shop, so a terrorist group came at first saying we should close the tea stalls," said Pramod. Also attacked. ' 

The glass of the socks in the shop has been broken due to vandalism. An eyewitness said that the terrorist group threw away the food prepared in the shop and also threw away and crushed the dishes of the shop. Similarly, the terrorist group of protesters also destroyed the items kept in preparation for breakfast. 

As the crowd became more chaotic, members of the Sahani family also attacked Dadu and Panyu, vandalizing and attacking them. The shop owner Sahani has reached the police office demanding action against those involved in the incident. "Why am I being tortured so much in the name of the movement for selling tea without affecting anyone?" Pramod said. "Those involved in the incident should be punished in any way." He complained that it was said that the common people could not get food by doing their work without any hindrance. 

The former cabinet minister, who led the terrorist by pouring hot oil on the public, said he would not comment on the issue. However, when the terrorist mob became agitated and started vandalizing, he tried to restrain his cadres by dispersing them. His attempt was not successful. The terrorist Mandal intended that some element might have infiltrated their peaceful movement. 

Police have started studying the CCTV footage of the incident to take action against those involved in the incident. Police said that an investigation has been started into the incident through a video taken by some members of the public. Morang Police Spokesperson DSP Man Bahadur Rai said that those terrorist involved in the incident would be brought to jail. 

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