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Ravi Lamichhane brought Nepal's first 4K television channel

Kathmandu: Renowned journalist Ravi Lamichhane has launched a new television channel. Lamichhane, who recently left News 24 television, has started Nepal's first 4K television channel.

Lamichhane is in the role of managing director for the television. The channel is named 'Galaxy 4K'. Still, some channels have not even been able to upgrade to HD technology.

Ravi Lamichhane's previous News 24 television was also based on SD (standard definition) technology. He is going to present himself personally on the 4K screen directly from SD.

Lamichhan said that they have brought the first 4K TV channel in Nepal. He said that a new media has been added through a program organized in Kathmandu on Tuesday.

He said, "We have brought new television into operation to give priority to the voice of the people and to broadcast entertaining programs."

On Galaxy 4K Television, Crime Patrol Nepal, Ko Bancha Crorepati, Ramayana, Saregam, Lal Mohar, Sidha Kura, Avishkar, and other programs will be aired.  

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