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Teacher brutally punished a student for bringing low marks in a school in Dang.

A few days ago, Sharmila Kumal of Lamahi Municipality-9 Telia of Dang asked her mother for money. Sharmila, who is studying in class 10 at Siktaka Secondary School in Rajpur Gaonpalika-7, had asked for money saying that she had urgent work with her mother. 

She did not have any urgent work to do, but she begged for money from her mother when the teacher at school could not bear the pain of the beating. 

He had gone to the market after being beaten by Hemraj BK, a math and science teacher. 

Seema Kumal, 15, of Rajpur village municipality is also studying in class 10. The house is across the Rapti River and the school is across the Rapti river. That is why she is staying and studying.

Seema was badly beaten by the teacher inside the classroom. Unable to bear the pain, Seema returned home after school. His mother was at home. Seema said that she came home unwell. Seema's father Naresh Kumal, 38, was not at home. He earns wages. In the evening he had a fever.

Meanwhile, a student secretly posted a video on social media. Where the teacher is seen beating the student mercilessly. After the video became public, the matter reached the parents. People from the village came and showed the video to their parents.

Naresh said that he was shocked after watching the video. He then told his wife to immediately check on his daughter's condition.

When the mother asked, Seema cried and said that the teacher had beaten her with a pipe. According to Naresh, his daughter still has bruises on her hip and thigh.

"Even now, Nildam is still visible," he said. "His examination has started from today."

Teacher BK had beaten the students last Thursday saying that he had brought low marks in mathematics.

Sharmila's father Pradesh Kumal, 47, was in Syangja at the time. He also works for wages. After watching the video, he also got shocked.

"I cried a lot after watching the video," said Naresh Kumal.

He said that his daughter had been suffering from fever for two or three days due to the beating of the teacher. Naresh said that his mother used to cook and feed her daughter's bark saying that she works as an herb when she has a problem.

Is Hemraj menstruating or not? She said that she was beaten on the hip and thigh by a pipe. 

The king demanded action against the teacher, saying that he had sent his daughter to the school to learn about Gyangun but not to beat her.

The student has alleged that teacher Hemraj had beaten other students, in the same manner, that day.

Pradesh Kumal also said that he had demanded the school family to expel such 'scary teachers' from the teaching profession immediately.

Ghan Bahadur Wali, chairman of the school management committee, admitted that his parents had demanded him not to keep the teacher in the school.

"I was asked by a ward member, executive member, and some parents not to keep the teacher even after a phone call and meeting," said Chairman Wali.

Teacher Hemraj BK apologized at the school management committee meeting and promised not to beat the next student, said Chairman Wali.

Teacher Hemraj is teaching in the school from private sources. He came to school three months ago.

"He is a very good teacher," said Chairman Wally.

Wali, the chairperson of the school management committee, said that only a few students were lightly beaten by teacher BK with a few sticks.

"Rumors and rumors are also spread here," he said. "Some media outlets have created more tension by talking about castes." This is due to the impulse of the teacher. Not because of poverty or caste. '

Complaint to the police

Parents have gone to the Area Police Office, Gadhwa on Sunday after the video of teacher Hemraj BK brutally beating a student with a stick became public. Naresh Sunar informed on the phone on Sunday afternoon that he and some other parents had come to Gadhwa of IPR and were going to file a complaint against the teacher who had beaten them brutally.

"We are writing the petition, we will register it after writing," said Sunar. "Our demand is that the guilty teacher should be punished."


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