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Allegations among MPs in the House of Representatives

Kathmandu: Allegations have been leveled between ruling and opposition lawmakers in the House of Representatives on Wednesday. In the meeting, the ruling party MPs have claimed that the government has acted in the interest of the people while the opposition MPs have accused the government of pushing the day by talking. 

In zero time, Tek Bahadur Basnet said that the parliament, which was dissolved by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli through unconstitutional steps, was restored following a court order, but the parliament did not get business due to the government. 

Similarly, Dilla Sangraula said that the government has not been able to work in the interest of the workers affected by the corona and there is no problem in the country.

Similarly, Dilendra Prasad Badu expressed surprise that the Prime Minister himself had expressed a serious threat to him. Why did the Prime Minister not come to the Parliament? You have asked a question. He said that Prime Minister Oli did not dare to come to the parliament as he was morally weak. 

UML MP Shanta Chaudhary, on the other hand, accused the Prime Minister of forcing him to dissolve the parliament by creating unnecessary controversy. He objected that the government was protesting against the work done in the interest of the people and development work without supporting it.  

After the reinstatement, the House of Representatives met on March 8. It has been alleged that the government did not provide business even after the restoration of the House of Representatives. A few days ago, Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota had a meeting with Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli to make the parliament effective.

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