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Benefits of Bhasthrika Pranayama

(Purwanchal Daily)- Bhastrika is a powerful pranayama. The method of controlling breathing is called pranayama. Doing this pranayama in Bajra Asana gives us more benefits. Alom Vilom, Kapalbhati Pranayama is also a powerful and breath-taking method. This pranayama is considered useful for getting instant energy in the body.
As soon as the vagina is done, it is felt that energy is transmitted inside the body. Bhasthrika is breathing pranayama. It involves taking long and deep breaths and exhaling. When you breathe, oxygen reaches only one-third of the body. Pranayamas get the most oxygen in the body. When oxygen reaches many cells in the body, the cells become active. When the cell is activated, the immune system also increases.

In Ayurveda, it is mentioned that bile, bile, and phlegm are the causes of diseases in the body. There are 80 types of diseases in the body due to bath, 40 types of diseases due to bile, and 20 types of diseases due to phlegm. Regular pranayama can get rid of these diseases. The vagina increases the working capacity of the lungs. The weakening of the lungs can lead to respiratory diseases, including asthma. 'It benefits the heart and the brain. The thyroid, tonsils heals. Removes contaminants such as carbon dioxide from the body. A person who practices yoga and meditation on a daily basis increases his lung capacity. It is possible to increase the capacity of the lungs through breathing.

Eighty percent of the disorders in the body can be eliminated. Food and lifestyle have changed. People have a busy life. Toxins have entered our bodies day by day. People are not caring about that. By doing yoga pranayama we can remove the disorder inside the body. A healthy lifestyle can be adopted. Pranayamas increase the capacity of the lungs. Our lungs are not working 100 percent. Therefore, its working capacity can be increased through yoga pranayama.

In recent times, the number of people doing yoga pranayama to fight the coronavirus seems to have increased. People are getting stressed due to busy work. Therefore, it is important to do pranayama to manage stress. People are living a life of anxiety, depression, and restless stress. Man suffers from heart disease more than body disease. It seems necessary to do yoga pranayama from such diseases. People seem to suffer from mental illness more than physical illness. People are living a life of restless stress, anxiety, and depression. Various situations do not seem to have passed. Doing yoga pranayama also cures diseases arising from the mind. As Bhasthrika Pranayama is a powerful method of breathing, as soon as you do it, energy comes into the body immediately and calms our scattered minds. Helps to keep the body energetic. Not only that, while doing Bhasthrika Pranayama, the lungs

Busy work has increased stress and anger seems to have grown inside people. Anger is controlled, the mind is calmed and the pain arising from the body is reduced. Even headaches are cured. Pinas also heals. It is also beneficial for diabetics. Not only that, it purifies the semen of both men and women. Helps to keep the body vibrant. Since the lungs are only 30 percent functioning, with the help of yoga and pranayama, their capacity can be increased and laziness and mental pains can be removed.

Bhasthrika pranayama is considered to be very useful. Bhastrika can be done while practicing yoga. With constant practice, a person's memory begins to increase. Immunity increases. Disorders within the body go away. Brings radiance to the face. Focuses on any task. It is also beneficial for stomach-related diseases. Bhastrika is very useful pranayama. Since yoga and pranayama cannot be done on your own, you should do it with training and advice from a yoga instructor.

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