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Connecting CCTV cameras to control criminal activity

The Armed Police Force, Nepal Chhinnamasta Bahini Headquarters, Province No. 2, Mahottari has started installing CCTV cameras in all the eight districts of Province No. 2 to control criminal activities and smuggling in the border area.

About 200 CCTV cameras are being installed at the border areas and at the main points of the East-West Highway to control criminal activities and smuggling along the 464-kilometer border from Saptari to Parsa in Province 2, said Chandra Prakash Gautam, Deputy Inspector General of Armed Police.

Simraungadh Municipality-9 of Bara has three CCTV cameras connected to Bansbari, three in the same Municipality-1, two in Beldari, three in Kalaiya Sub-Metropolis-10, three in Matiarwa, three in Mahagadhimai Municipality-7, Benauli, three in Barania and Kawahi Goth-2. Camera accessories are provided in

Similarly, four at the main entrance of Birgunj Metropolitan City-16, three at Birgunj Metropolitan City-1, three at Pragati Nagar, three at Adarshnagar, four at Alau, three at Amarpati, three at Chipaharmai Gaonpalika-5, three at Viswa border area, three at Thori Gaonpalika-5, Surwanpur Bagh Morcha and two at Sohi Gaonpalika-2. The aim is to connect two cameras in the river and in the market. Arrangements have been made to see the CCTV cameras connected to the activities of the border area from the district office of the Armed Police Force and the headquarters of Province 2.

Similarly, the Armed Police Force (APF) in the border area has taken action against more than 60 people, including eight armed officers, across the two states for acting against the code of conduct. CCTV cameras are being installed across the state as per the instructions of the Center to control the growing criminal activities and smuggling in the border area. CCTV cameras have been installed in some places and are yet to be installed in other places.


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