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Dusty air came to Nepal from Delhi, affecting Ilam in the east and Rautahat in the west

Kathmandu: Nepal's atmosphere has seen some improvement today. Due to this, 'visibility' will increase in some places including Kathmandu Valley, said the meteorologist.

With the increase in visibility, it will be easier to take off and land. However, meteorologist Samir Shrestha said that even if there is some improvement in the atmosphere today, it is likely to return to normal tomorrow. 

"There has been some improvement today, but dusty air has entered Nepal from Delhi, India," said meteorologist Shrestha. Tomorrow, there is a possibility of more snowfall across the country.

Meteorologist Shrestha said that the snowfall has increased up to Ilam in the east and Rautahat in the west. He said that it will gradually spread to other parts of the country and its effect will be seen tomorrow. According to him, the atmosphere is expected to remain stable again tomorrow. Even if it rains or the wind blows so that the ground gets wet, the pollution will be removed, but there is no possibility of wind and rain today, tomorrow, and tomorrow. 

He said that there is a possibility of accumulation of dust and pollution near the lower atmosphere and ground surface for three days. He said that although some improvement is expected after three days, the situation will not be calm. 

"It's not that haze won't move, but it will take time to move," he said. The weather will improve after the western winds blow. '

Meanwhile, sporadic rain is likely in State 1, Bagmati and Gandaki, and some parts of Lumbini today. The weather forecast department has said that there will be thunder and lightning in these areas in the afternoon. 

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