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I was defamed by misusing technology: Forest Minister Ale

Kathmandu: Minister for Forest and Environment Prem Bahadur Ale has accused the government of misusing technology to tarnish its image. Speaking at the 10th General Convention and 21st Annual General Assembly organized by the Federation of Nepalese Forest Products Industry Entrepreneurs in Kathmandu, he said that he had spread propaganda in the program of the Community Forest Users Federation a few days ago.

He said, "The current government and those who have a 'bad' view of me have distorted and edited my speech and posted it on social media. I urge you not to spread such bad news and don't believe it." In the same program, Minister Ale spoke with the objective of not getting oxygen and carbon dioxide from the fallen tree.

Stating that it is an act of defamation by abusing technology, he said that serious attention has been paid to the issue. He urged the people to use the time for development instead of wasting time by misusing technology. Minister Ale also informed that the scientific forest has been scrapped as the trees have been scattered in the name of the scientific forest.

He urged not to spread propaganda saying that he had edited what he did not say. "I strongly object to the fact that this is a government of the people, a government accountable to the people, which has been edited and misrepresented," he said.

Minister for Forests and Environment Ale, who was also the chief guest at the event, said that letters have been sent to all the state ministries for data collection of trees cut down in the name of the scientific forest and the ministry is moving towards speedy management. He said, "We have started collecting data on trees cut down in the name of the scientific forest. We will not allow businessmen to get into trouble."

Although the concept of the scientific forest is good, Minister Ale has said that Scientific Forest Management 2071 has been scrapped to prevent deforestation as some people are cutting down forests indiscriminately to destroy the forest. Minister Ale informed that discussions and studies are underway on what can be done for the export of timber as he is well aware of the problems faced by the entrepreneurs due to the suspension of timber export and import.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers on May 29 decided to ban tree felling, collection, transportation, and transportation in forests across the country and to form a high-level committee to investigate. Shyam Sundar Dhakal, president of the Federation of Nepalese Forest Products Entrepreneurs, urged to open the timber after the legal process has been completed as the collection and transportation of timber has been halted due to the closure of about 2.5 lakh workers in forestry enterprises. -RSS

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