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Nepal has now entered a peaceful era: Prime Minister Oli

Kathmandu: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that Nepal has entered a peaceful era.

Addressing a signing ceremony at the Assembly Hall on Friday, Prime Minister Oli said there was no more violent conflict in the country.

Oli said, "No party is now pursuing a violent path and policy. This means that there is no violent conflict in Nepal, there is peace.

Prime Minister Oli said, "There are three points in our agreement, that is enough. In 18 Puranas, Vyas said only two things."

"We will resolve any issues through discussion and negotiation as a single conclusion on many issues," he said in a statement.

Describing CK Raut, who joined the separatist movement last year, into the mainstream of national politics, Prime Minister Oli said they had the same objective. "Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepalis," he said, "is our common goal."

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