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'Nepal is listed as second most peaceful country in South Asia'

Kathmandu: A study has shown that Nepal is the second most peaceful country out of seven countries in South Asia. According to a study conducted by the Global Peace Index, Nepal is the second most peaceful country among the seven South Asian countries. The study did not mention the Maldives.

According to the Global Peace Index 2020, Bhutan is the first most peaceful country in the region, followed by Afghanistan.

Bhutan is ranked 19th in the world while Nepal is ranked 73rd. In 2019, Nepal was ranked 76th.

Among other South Asian countries, India is ranked 139th, Pakistan 152nd, Bangladesh 97th, Sri Lanka 77th, and Afghanistan 163rd. Overall, the study notes that in 2020, there will be some disturbances in the peace process in South Asia.

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