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Open border: Fuel smuggling still continues.

The tanker belonging to the transporter of Nepal Oil Corporation, Jay Gaurishankhar, was taken under control by the Nepal Police on Fagun 2. Police had taken action after finding 1,360 liters of diesel being smuggled to India in the chamber and fuel tank of the tanker.

After this, the corporation sealed the Shweta Oil Center at Jagarnathpur in Parsa to refuel the tanker and proceeded with the process. The corporation also took action against the tanker involved in fuel theft as per the Petroleum Transportation Regulations, 2073 (Third Amendment).

A few months ago, the corporation wrote a letter to the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of the police for further investigation after it was found that two tankers loaded with petrol from India had been made into false chambers. The police investigation confirmed that the two tankers had set up a false chamber to smuggle fuel to India and sell it to India, causing fraud to the corporation. The Bureau has arrested Ajay Lama and Bikesh Lama of Amalekhgunj-6 of Bara involved in the case.

A few days ago, a team of the Armed Police Force (APF) recovered 4,200 liters of diesel from Krishnanagar Municipality-2 of Kapilvastu while it was being smuggled to India by making false bottoms in seven different tankers. The seized diesel has been handed over to Krishnanagar Customs Office.

As petroleum products are cheaper in Nepal than in India, fuel smuggling from Nepal to India has been confirmed for some time now. Fuel is being smuggled to India secretly taking advantage of the open Nepal-India border. Petrol in Nepal is Rs 33.42 per liter and diesel is Rs 39.61 per liter cheaper in the bordering Indian region. An official of the corporation has admitted that fuel is being smuggled from Nepal to India as the price of fuel is cheaper in Nepal than in the open border and India.

With the increase in the smuggling of petroleum products from the border to India, the corporation last month issued a circular to all provincial offices directing them to implement an action plan to control the misuse of petroleum products at the border.

To curb fuel smuggling, the office has been instructed to inspect at least five petrol pumps in the border area daily, to monitor the sale of petrol pumps within its sales area and petrol pumps from the Nepal-India border to the postal highway, petrol pumps located on the postal highway and petrol pumps at least five kilometers north of the postal highway. Told.

"Only the fuel tank of the vehicle can be refueled, tankers, trucks, trailers, tractors and other vehicles going to India should be checked at the border by requesting the local police and Indian heavy vehicles should be given only 100 liters of fuel in the fuel tank," he said. He said that petrol pumps in the border areas have been banned from selling petrol and diesel in drums, jerry cans, and other equipment. If water pumps and other agricultural equipment and machines are to be sold in jerry cans for the purpose of operation, the petrol pump will have to declare the required monthly quantity for the farmers and keep a record.

He said that action has been taken against the trucks and tankers smuggling petroleum products and mishandling the transportation as per the Petroleum Transportation Regulations, 2073 BS and the Petrol Pump Vendors Rules, 2075 BS. Transport Regulation 2073 has made an arrangement to recover double the amount of loss from the transporter if it is found that the truck tanker has caused damage to the corporation by connecting other fittings other than the approved standards. Trucks and tankers that misbehave will be banned from transportation. Similarly, there is a provision to revoke the license of the seller who sells fuel against the instructions of the corporation.

General Secretary of the Federation of Nepal Petroleum Transport Entrepreneurs Bishwa Prasad Aryal admits that illegal trade of petroleum products is taking place due to the open Nepal-India border. He said that the driver of the tanker was involved in fuel smuggling by constructing structures contrary to the approved standards. Stressing on the need to control the smuggling of petroleum products and take strict action against those involved, he said that they would extend their support.

Action against one thousand transporters

The corporation has taken action against nearly a thousand trucks and tankers for smuggling petroleum products and misappropriating fuel in the last three months. The trucks and tankers were found to have complained about locking and fitting in the contract agreement with the corporation. The corporation has stated that action has been taken against the trucks and tankers for constructing false chambers, mixing, causing more damage than the prescribed result, and working against the transportation regulations.

The No. 1 Provincial Office of the Corporation, Biratnagar, has taken action against 53 trucks and tankers for causing more damage than the prescribed standards. After checking the locking and fitting, it was found that the pipeline was connected to the tank incorrectly. The truck has been kept in police custody and action has been taken against it. The tanker, which was found with the tank locked, has been banned from supplying petroleum products for three months.

The Provincial Office No. 2 Amalekhgunj has also taken action against 150 trucks and tankers. They have been suspended for 15 days. The office has banned five drivers / co-drivers from entering any depot of the corporation for life by filing a black market case. Five tankers have been suspended for six months after they were found to have adulterated and stolen petroleum products during the monitoring.

Similarly, the provincial office of the corporation in Thankot has taken action against more than 300 trucks and tankers in the same period. Each tanker has been fined Rs 10,000. The two tankers have been sent to the Bureau of Investigation for further investigation. Along with the transporter, the employees of the corporation have also come under the scope of action in the fuel misappropriation case. Action has also been taken against an employee of the corporation's Birgunj-based office.

The corporation says that the process of action against the black market has been taken forward under the strategic plan of corporate reform. The corporation's move is expected to discourage illegal activity. The corporation has stated that the theft and adulteration of petroleum products will be brought under control as soon as action is taken against the tankers.

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