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The family of a Nepali girl who was raped and murdered in Bihar did not get justice

The case of Sumitra B.K, 12, of Bardiya, who was murdered after being gang-raped in the Indian state of Bihar, is still in mourning. The family has been begging for justice. Eleven people have been arrested in connection with the murder. The police station chairperson who helped in destroying the evidence of the incident is absconding.

The incident took place on January 21, 2021. At that time, the girl's mother Krishni Kami had left her daughter in India and came to her home in Bardiya to register with the squatters' commission. On that day, Babu Khadga Bahadur had left the room for work. The son also went to the market to get breakfast for his sister. At the same time, Sumitra, who was staying in Chhopi Dera, was gang-raped. 

An FIR was lodged on February 2 in connection with the January 21 incident. Indian police have arrested 11 people involved in the incident, including house owner Sitaram Sah and his son Vinay. But a policeman who helped cover up the murder and destroy the evidence after the rape is still at large.

After a four-sided protest, Indian police have filed a case against 12 people at Kundwa Chainpur police station in Champaran district. Relatives have been begging for justice. 

A relative has complained that the government has not yet taken the initiative to take legal action against those involved in the rape and murder of Nepali girl Sumitra Vik in India. The family members fear that the accused may be released without continuous vigilance. 

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