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The first rocket 'Garuda' test in Nepal, 'crash' after flying 10 seconds in the sky

Kathmandu: A rocket named 'Garuda' made by a Nepali student has been tested on a plane in Dhanusha today. The rocket flew in the sky for 10 seconds in the recent launch.

The rocket has crashed due to strong winds after flying in the sky for about 150 meters. The rocket was estimated to reach 10,000 feet. The construction team, in collaboration with the Nepal Army, plans to launch the rocket again in a month.

"It crashed in 10 seconds. The rocket could not 'pick up' due to strong winds. Today's experience has taught us a lot. We plan to test the launch again in a month, ”said team member Mahen Tamang in an interview.

Such was the test.


The students tested the rocket for the first time to participate in the 'Spaceport America Cup-2021'. The Open Rocketry and Space Society (ORASS Nepal) is competing in a competition jointly organized by the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA) and Spaceport America.

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