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The importance of motivation for success in life

Motivation to move forward on the lifeboat is a quality that motivates one to overcome all disappointments, failures, and deprivations and move towards a golden future. Inspiration is the basis for life, in which a beautiful palace of positivity and faith is built. Self-motivation changes the course of life. Motivation is very important in a person's life. Motivation plays a vital role in revealing the full depth of life. Today we talk more about frustration and less about motivation and positivity. It has caused us frustration.

( Translated from Purwanchal Daily, "जीवनमा सफलताको लागि प्रेरणाको महत्व" )

If we look at politics, economy, diplomacy, education policy in all areas and dimensions in a negative light, it is seen that negativity is increasing everywhere. Despair burns the whole society, and the perfect weapon to guide the society on the path of positivity is motivation and it is a mysterious power, which motivates man from his conscience to do certain things. At the same time, it can be a source of both internal and external factors. The effect of motivation is that people become more active towards their goals and begin to lead a new life on the strength of self-control and encouragement. Motivation is the key human quality for a good life.

An individual may be motivated by external factors to perform certain tasks. Internal motivation develops an active emotion. When there is a lack of motivation in life, life seems awkward, any task seems difficult. Many business organizations and companies want to increase both productivity and productivity by motivating their employees by providing rewards, promotions, additional financial incentives, travel opportunities, etc., and by managing human resources. Understanding the expectations and expectations of your employees motivates them to be more diligent and energetic at work. Success in personal life is not possible without motivation. Inspiration helps any player to reach the Everest of success and open the door to possibilities.

Without good motivation, it is difficult for doctors, engineers, etc. to move forward. Positive emotions motivate you to move forward with courage in difficult moments, and motivation gives you the strength to give the last push against obstacles. Motivation is the main motivator in life for money, health, and great achievement. According to psychologists, motivation for life is the will to achieve any success. Motivation is essential for success in life, motivation helps to achieve good results in life, to move ahead in the competition, and to cope with financial difficulties in life.

When you can't maintain motivation with positivity in life, your strength starts to fade and small obstacles discourage you from moving forward. Our social situation is full of negativity. Unable to cope with the problems, a person may decide to immerse himself in life and begin to love death more than life itself. Machines that are deprived of life need to be motivated, and that is why patience, courage, and self-control in times of calamity help to lift people up and identify them as capable people.

Hope, enthusiasm, and effort should be made an integral part of life. Creation helps to open the door to motivation. Only a person full of positivity can have a strong will. Motivation is the main thing for people to generate a determination. Motivation is the best quality for dreams, strong will, and constant practice. Selfishness and betrayal can close the door to inspiration. The self-confidence of people who have come to the brink of defeat, despair, and sadness from life, but have realized the importance of life again, provides encouragement to move forward on the path of inspiration.

There is a saying - 'Every problem brings a golden opportunity.' It is also said - 'Cowards run away from problems, but some turn it into an opportunity.' Life is not always the same. Sadness, happiness comes and goes. Yesterday and today, today and tomorrow are different. Not everything is as it should be. Sometimes a mountain of problems falls. Sometimes it rains with enthusiasm. In such moments one should lead a sober life. There are many difficulties in life.

Only those who can move forward with self-inspiration in such moments can truly enjoy life. Such people, who are constantly moving forward towards their destination. They act as guides for themselves and never give up. Inspiring yourself, advising yourself is a very beautiful concept. We should not be discouraged, terrified or frustrated when any embarrassing situation, obstacle, interruption arises. Instead of patiently advising yourself, being optimistic and making yourself fearless brings many positive results.

According to a great philosopher, there is never a lack of inspiration in life. If a man is brave and fearless, he can surprise everyone when he builds a beautiful palace out of the stones thrown at him by man. If we look at hatred and rejection from a positive and motivating point of view, we can learn a lot from it and move forward. We can create beautiful art from the stones we throw and inspire those who throw those stones. According to scholars, there is no one in this world who cannot inspire himself.

As a symbol of love, Shah Jahan was inspired to build a beautiful Taj Mahal in memory of his own queen Begum Momtaz. He took inspiration from himself and made a determination. His determination made such a beautiful work of art that even centuries later, the Taj Mahal has become a symbol of love and a source of inspiration for millions of people. This means that people who stop communicating with themselves, who do not listen to their minds, are defeated. Even if the problems in the path of life are like high and difficult mountains, it is possible to overcome them with courage and self-confidence by climbing the mountain of problems with the height of inspiration.

Motivation is like karma and life. What we sow in the ground is fruitful, just as we walk, so we reach, wherever we go, we reach. Motivation is important in business projects. Sometimes the idea is good, the material resources are available, the necessary knowledge is available, but there is a lack of willingness to participate in the work project. In these cases, the expert needs to analyze the problem and propose changes to the task, from which the motivation arises and because of that quality, everything can be moved forward easily. Motivation plays the most important role in the development of skills and abilities.

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