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There is no 'वाद' or idea bigger than the country

I am a person who does not have access to political party organizations, associations, institutions, has access, and does not engage in such activities. In their language, pure-proletariat. I am a person who was born and raised in a proletarian poor community and is experiencing some bittersweet experiences according to the circumstances of the time. My family is still working today and we will always be working. Even then, out of millions of Nepali citizens, I am one of the people of this country, society, and village.

It hurts to be upside down at home, it hurts to be upside down in society. The state of affairs in the country is a matter of great concern and concern to millions of patriots like me, even if it is not a matter of great interest or concern to anyone, but it directly or indirectly affects our living standards. Today and tomorrow, the leaders of the party have become foreign puppets, brokers, self-governing, self-determination, corruption, misgovernance, anomalies to create anomalies. And what kind of politics is this that is torturing the House and the general public? Can't understand And the half-conscious, semi-educated youth, children, and the elderly of our class community-run wherever they run. Looking back and forth, not thinking,

The opposition also has a motive, purpose, or reason. However, there is no justification for boycotting protests by pursuing those who seek to prove their vested interests without any purpose. If we have to bring change in society and the country, we have to be able to embrace the truth first. In the current situation, there is only one option left - that is, face-to-face. If possible, let's get rid of this disgusting game of politics and work together to make the village and society self-reliant in everything. If the people of the village and society can be made strong, capable, and educated and the source of development can be broken, then the country will prosper. The country's progress at the national level is the identity of happiness and prosperity.

If you can't stay away from political activities, stay away from politics. Choose the path of good for the country and the people by guiding the path of truth and service by sweeping the face of the politics that should be adopted to rule this abhorrent ugly lawful power, not by repeating the words uttered by others. If you do not have the strength to do so, organize and rebel. But, being helpless, kneeling, leaping on the side of others, boycotting protests and denunciations is not going to be an achievement.

In the same way, the wise will continue to rule over us one after the other, and we will continue to suffer from generation to generation of misery and deprivation. On the one hand, the world is in the race of globalization. The affluent do not even touch such things because they have all the tools of modernization. Having succeeded in reaching out to material economic and foreign coordination and access to international relations, the bourgeoisie, the community has no interest in national politics, and such a rich class community of the country should not be allowed to take anything from this country society and people. Some die, some live, because we are completely dependent on them. If these same bourgeois communities are allowed to trade in this country without investing in the business, then we and our class community will have to face more deprivation and suffering.

We are not self-sufficient. What would be our condition if the salt for daily use is imported? Instead, the leaders of today's dirty politics are licking the soles of the same bourgeoisie and community and trying their best to hand over the country to the colonialists. They are trying to prove their selfishness by attacking the culture, traditions, and customs of our class community.

Let's understand in this way 30 million on the basis of the population census, the country's population is very low on the basis of geography, even then why poverty and unemployment? Lack of infrastructure What is the reason for the lack of development of infrastructure? What are the reasons for not being able to uplift and advance the proletariat, the poor, and the community?

The cause of all these weaknesses is the current immoral politics and politicians without corrupt policies. It is a system of governing the state which is stuck in political interests. It is a brokerage system to force the youth, who are considered to be the backbone of the decade, to invest in the West in the Gulf, to push them into the 50-degree sun of the Gulf, to force them to support the country with remittances.

The biggest culprit is the bureaucracy of this country. Giving permanence and stability to the state is bureaucracy. If bureaucracy becomes a puppet of political parties, organizations, and politicians, what could be more corrupt than this? So let's not just protest, let's always look for alternatives and choose. Let's not always make the country's governance system a puppet of foreign embassies and INGOs. Let us now embark on a campaign to return the country's power center to the country. Now let's win this nation only by defeating the neighboring leaders, parties, empty ideas, and arguments.

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