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Concrete grave in Pashupati area contrary to the order of the Supreme

Kathmandu: Contrary to the Supreme Court's order, there has been an increase in the number of burials and burials of Christians in the Pashupatinath area, which is inscribed on the World Heritage List.

The Federation of Sanatan Dharma Nepal has expressed serious concern over the burial of a Christian in the Pashupatinath temple area. A statement issued by FNJ General Secretary Abhishek Joshi on Sunday said that the act was illegal and unwanted.

As per the order of the Supreme Court dated June 20, 2068 BS, Christians are not allowed to bury their bodies in the forest area of ​​Pashupatinath. Secretary-General Joshi said that a new concrete tomb built by a Christian was found while the federation was inspecting the Shleshamantak forest on March 10. The federation has stated that the attention of the concerned bodies has been drawn in this regard.

Secretary-General Joshi has questioned whether the Pashupati Area Development Fund is aware of such activities in violation of the Supreme Court order, Pashupati Area Development Fund Act 2044 BS, and the Constitution of Nepal.

He said that the inspection showed that the forest could not be protected, enhanced, and cleaned. Open defecation, immoral activities, plastic waste, unclaimed bodies, and liquor bottles have been found in the forest.

The federation demands that religious places like Pashupatinath be safe, dignified, and clean in all respects. The fund should also play an effective role in this regard, the statement said. (रासस)

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