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'Corona has a big impact on children, regular food cuts up to 10 percent'

Kathmandu: A study has shown that the corona epidemic has severely damaged the all-around development of children. A study conducted jointly by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF Nepal) and ShareCast has shown that children do not get enough food, are deprived of education and their families are pushed into poverty.

The study was conducted in 6,000 households six times since last May. According to the study, 90 percent of the children were deprived of education at the beginning of the lockdown on March 26 last year, while only 30 percent of the children were able to study after the online class started. Only children from affluent families were allowed to study in this way.

As of last August, 20 percent of households had to struggle for food, and even now, 10 percent of children have to cut back on regular food.

Similarly, 10 percent of the households are unable to arrange home isolation, while poverty has led to a decline in compliance with safety measures to prevent the corona epidemic.

According to the study report, incidents of abuse and violence against children and women, child labor, child marriage, and trafficking are also on the rise in the community.

UNICEF has also provided Rs 2,000 assistance to 10,000 children from 6,000 households for their education and nutrition. 

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