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Eye diseases are increasing due to air pollution

Residents of Kanchanpur are facing eye-burning and itching problems due to air pollution. Most patients come to health posts and hospitals with eye problems. According to Lokendra Air, AHW of Jhalari-based health post, 30 to 50 patients with eye problems have been coming for treatment daily for the past four days. He said that those who come for treatment come with problems like itchy eyes and burning.

"This problem has been seen due to the increase in air pollution," he said.

Children, senior citizens, people with respiratory problems, heart disease, and other chronic diseases are more affected due to the high level of air pollution.

Chief of the Environment Branch of Bhim Dutta Municipality Ganesh Thagunna said that people affected by air pollution have been requested not to go out of the house. He said that the request was made by issuing public notice after the increase in air pollution.

"We have asked them to wear special masks when going out of the house except for urgent work," he said. We have also requested to make arrangements for the construction of dust-free occupations and businesses. ”

He said that air pollution will increase near the ground level as the air temperature decreases during the night and he has been asked not to go out in the morning for physical exercise and morning activities till the environmental condition improves.

The locals have been alerting the locals by issuing public notice after it became cloudy during the day due to pollution.

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