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Four hundred and forty-nine forests are on fires in the country

Kathmandu: Forest fires have flared up again in different parts of Nepal. Although the fires were extinguished in many places after the rains last Wednesday, the number of fires has increased again.

According to the Forest Department's forest fire identification and monitoring system, 449 forest areas in 55 districts are currently on fire. Currently, fires are raging in 38 places in Surkhet. Similarly, there are active fires in 31 places of Dang, 26 places of Pyuthan, 24/24 places of Chitwan and Salyan, and 21/21 places of Bardiya and Doti.

There is an active fire in Kailali, Kanchanpur, Udayapur, Banke, Kapilvastu, Makwanpur, and other districts. According to the Forest Department's Forest Fire Identification and Monitoring System, forest fires have started in 3,804 places in all districts of the country since last Pus.

The school had to be closed last week due to air pollution in the Kathmandu Valley and other parts of the country due to the forest fire. Even though the amount of air pollution has decreased, the risk of air pollution has increased again due to the increase in the spread of forest fires, said the environmentalist.

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