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Gandaki Parliament meeting postponed after Janamorcha's MP 'Missing'

The special session of the Gandaki Provincial Assembly has been postponed indefinitely.

State Assembly Secretary Hariraj Pokhrel informed that the meeting of the state assembly has been postponed till further notice.

Pokharel said that the Rastriya Janamorcha had postponed the session saying that it's MP Khim Bikram Shahi was unknown and demanded to adjourn the sitting till he could not attend the session.

Earlier, while the parliament was in session, Janamorcha chief Piyari Thapa had filed a petition at the Parliament Secretariat demanding postponement of the meeting.

Opposition parties Nepali Congress, Maoist Center, and Janata Samajwadi Party are discussing the no-confidence motion against Chief Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung. There is an agenda to vote on the proposal on Wednesday.

If the Jana Morcha MPs who decided to vote in favor of the no-confidence motion do not arrive by the time of the royal vote, the motion will fail.

In a letter filed by Sachetak Thapa, the party has demanded to make public the condition of the unidentified MP Shahi, save his life and adjourn the House until it becomes public.

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