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In Jhapa, the bodies of two persons were found in the forest within three days. DSP Acharya failed to maintain security in Birtamod.

Locals have expressed concern over the increase in crime in the Birtamod area of ​​Jhapa. Locals have expressed outrage over the failure of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Santosh Archay to maintain peace and security in the area.

Locals say that DSP Archay has not been able to maintain peace and security. Two persons of Birtamod were found dead in the forest in a period of three days and Birtamod police failed to maintain peace and security. Police suspect, he was killed. After two people were found dead in the forest, Jhapa police have been challenged for maintaining peace and security in the district. DSP Archay has failed to maintain peace and security in Birtamod.

The body of Tilak Niraula, a hotel manager of Birtamod, was found in the forest. The body of Gautam Pariyar, 50, of Kalijoda in Arjundhara Municipality-6 was also found.

The body of hotel operator Niraula, who is also a permanent resident of Birtamod-5, was found inside the Pragati Community Forest 100 meters east of the East-West Highway at Mechinagar 12 Charali on Sunday morning. The body of Pariyar, who was working in a meat shop, was found in a bush near Sugam Petrol Pump in Birtamod on Wednesday morning, said DSP Rakesh Thapa of Jhapa Police Office.

"Police are investigating whether the two incidents are linked or different," said DSP Thapa.

Family members have claimed that hotel operator Niraula was killed. Niraula was riding a motorcycle (Me. 9 Pa 2209) at 3 pm on Friday. A motorcycle has also been found at the spot where his body was found. Family members who walked out of the hotel told him that he would arrive on Saturday after someone called him. "My son-in-law must have been murdered in a mysterious way after his abduction," said his father-in-law Ganesh Karki.

Police found Niraula's body lying in the woods, with both hands on his chest, his mobile phone in Shirt's pocket, black glasses hanging around his neck, and ink on his thumb. Police estimate that he may have been killed and his body may have been dumped in the forest.

According to the police, no physical injuries were seen on the body and even the face was black. DSP Thapa said that the police did not find anything even after searching for a dog from Dharan. "After that, we sent the body to BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Dharan for postmortem. We will do further investigation based on the report from there," he said.

A police source has claimed that the hotel operator Niraula was involved in a land transaction. "He must have been killed in connection with a financial transaction," a police official said. Police have arrested two persons on suspicion of being involved in the incident. Though the police did not disclose the name of the arrested person, it is said that they have a relationship with Niraula. According to DSP Thapa, both of them are being investigated by the Jhapa District Court.

Locals said that Pariyar, who was found in the bush, may have been killed by someone. He had been out of the house for four days. It is suspected that Pariyar may have been killed elsewhere and his body may have been brought there and dumped. According to eyewitnesses, he may have died a few days ago due to the smell coming from the corpse. His body has been sent to Dharan for postmortem and family members are being questioned, police said.

Demand for making peace and security more systematic

With one crime after another on the rise, there is a security challenge in Birtamod. The locals are scared. The Birtamod Municipality has demanded the police administration to make necessary arrangements so that the people of the city feel safe by making the peace and security in the city more systematic.

City Chief Dhruv Kumar Siwakoti drew the attention of Chief District Officer Shravan Kumar Timilsina in a letter saying that the people of Birtamod have become very sad and worried as people are being killed every day.

He said that there was a challenge to the peace and security of the city and demanded to find out the true facts of the murders of Tilak Niraula and Gautam Pariyar and bring the culprits to justice as soon as possible. The letter has been handed over to the Bodhartha District Police Office.

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