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The Chief Minister of Bagmati Province Has Convened An All-Party Meeting

Kathmandu: Bagmati Chief Minister Dormani Poudel has called an all-party meeting. The meeting will be held at Jawalakhel, Lalitpur today.

According to Poudel's personal secretary Anup Poudel, Poudel convened an all-party meeting to discuss issues including the conduct of the state assembly meeting, policies and programs for the coming year, and control of corona infection.

The opposition Maoist Centre has been blocking the meeting of the state assembly. Opposition lawmakers have been demanding that the Madan Bhandari Foundation and the state government provide Rs 5 million for the purchase of electric buses. The Congress and Bibekshil Party, including the Maoist Center, have expressed support to the demand.

Similarly, the government is under severe pressure to take precautionary measures as more than 300 new cases of corona are being added daily in Bagmati Province.

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